Fun Activities For Kids This Halloween

I have reluctantly been drawn into the whole Halloween craze in the past couple of years. I was a bit of a Negative Nancy when it came to all things ghoulish in October. However as the kids have become that little bit older I’ve started realising how fun Halloween really can be.

Here’s our list of must-do Halloween activities.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Every supermarket seems to sell the larger pumpkins at the end of October, but it’s much more fun to visit a pumpkin patch and buy your pumpkin from a local farm.

Carve or decorate a pumpkin

I never enjoyed carving pumpkins, mostly because the smell of pumpkin makes me want to vomit! In the past few years we have had to set up a system where my husband helps scoop out the flesh and I help the kids with the carving. We’ve done a few different ones over the years, from Batman to bunnies, to Jack Skellington and Peppa Pig and it’s nice to sit and do it all as a family.

Read Halloween stories

Along with recalling your own ghost stories, there’s plenty of children’s books that are ideal to read at Halloween. We love :

Make toffee apples

It’s great to get the kids involved in making toffee apples. You can make the traditional “toffee” using golden syrup, caster sugar and a bit of food colouring. However we prefer to use melted chocolate. The kids can dip their apples into the melted chocolate, roll them through so sprinkles and voila! The perfect Halloween treat.

Watch a halloween movie

There are plenty of kids films that are great for Halloween. They may not be as scary as IT or The Exorcist but they’re fun to watch as a family! Click here to find out our favourites.

Bobbing for apples

The traditional Apple Bobbing never goes out of style! It’s simple, cheap and most of all fun!

Make halloween cookies

Again, something fun to do with the kids which doesn’t cost the earth. You can by cookie cutters and use icing to make your own little ghosts or pumpkins!

Scavenger hunt

If Trick-or-treating isn’t your thing, a scavenger hunt is a great alternative. Create a list of spooky things to find, and head around your neighbourhood on Halloween nighty and tick off the things you find. Cobwebs, cauldrons, children dressed as witches – there’s so many things you can add to your list!

Go on a spooky ghost train

This year we’re excited to be going a trip on East Lancashire Railway’s Halloween Ghost Train. The kids can’t wait to show off their fancy dress outfits, as we embark on a haunted steam train ride. There are still tickets available for those fellow North West families!

Trick or Treat

The most obvious of all the Halloween activities and we only did it for the first time last year. It had never appealed to me, and the children had never asked to go so we never bothered. Last year they did ask so we took them and to my surprise we all had a lovely time! We took them around the houses close to their school and they saw so many of their school friends (and even teachers!) and there was a really lovely atmosphere. We’ll definitely be doing it again this year.

What do you enjoy doing at Halloween? Or do you try and avoid it all together? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great ideas, I love this list! i would love to visit a pumpkin patch as I dont think I ever have before!!

  2. This makes me so excited for autumn! We certainly have visiting a pumpkin patch on our bucket list 🙂

  3. I have never carved a pumpkin before so I think I’m going to go around my boyfriends parents and do it with them this year x

  4. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween myself although I do love decorating the house! I’d really like to visit a pumpkin farm but I don’t think there is one near me. The kids love all the sweets of course 🙂

  5. We love the fun side of trick or treat with the children, only visiting houses with pumpkins outside but the atmosphere is so much fun and lots of very happy kids! I think I need to do apple bobbing with them this year!

  6. Love, love, love Toffee Apples 🙂 Have still yet to visit a pumpkin patch – Liv is older now so fortunately doesn’t ask for one. Which I am glad about as I am not creative when it comes to carving out :/ Sim xx #PoCoLo

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