As I stand and watch you sleeping I can’t believe its true.
When you wake up tomorrow you’ll no longer be just two.

A preschooler, a big girl. A girl of three years old.
A girl full of mischief and stories not yet told.

People say you are my mini me and I’m delighted that it’s true.
Not just in how you look but that feistiness in there too.

Our third and final baby, you made our family complete.
With your fierceness and compassion and a laugh that’s oh so sweet.

You’ve filled our house with laughter with your bold and creative ways.
Your determination to do what you please, despite what anyone says.

You’re becoming more independent, this is plain to see.
But despite how fast you’re growing, my baby you will always be.

My wish for you is happiness and a life that’s filled with fun.
A knowledge you can break down walls and know it can be done.

Your tenacity and strength, I know will see you through.
You could change the world, my love. We all believe it’s true.

Forgive me if I look teary, I know it’s your special day.
Be assured it’s love and pride in you that makes me feel this way.

So tomorrow we shall laugh and sing and I will smile despite my tears,
And I’ll be thankful to you for giving us these wonderful first three years.