Our Obscure Travel Destinations Bucket List

My husband and I have been discussing our future travel plans a lot at the moment. Throughout our almost ten years of marriage, we have spent most of it having babies! Now the three kids are getting that little bit older (and there’s certainly no plan for baby number 4!) we can now focus on seeing new places!

Before we had children we travelled a little, we went to Venice, New York and got married in Salzburg, but since then our travelling has been limited to the UK. We can’t wait for this to change! People often say you should travel before having children, but we’re looking forward to taking the children with us! I want to see all the sites through their eyes, as well as my own.

Here’s some of the places on our (very long!) travel bucket list, some perhaps a bit more unusual than others!


Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, is known for being child friendly and Denmark’s capital is high on our list of cities to visit with the kids. One of the main reasons we’d love to visit Copenhagen is for the famous Trivoli Gardens. Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney were both visitors, so if it’s good enough for them…!


The capital of Iceland may not be at the top of everyone’s holiday destinations, but it’s definitely on our ours! We got married in the snow, so we certainly don’t mind a bit of cold! From the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa complex, to whale watching and visiting Hallgrimskirkja church, there’s several things I could tick of my bucket list. However none would be bigger than being able to see the Northern Lights.


From freezing cold Reykjavik, to a gorgeous beach holiday, who wouldn’t want to visit Mauritius? The turquoise ocean, the white sandy beaches, it looks like heaven on earth! It’s somewhere we have considered for when the kids are a little bit older, so while we’re not lucky enough to be looking at holidays to Mauritius in 2018, it’s hopefully one for the future.


We have wanted to Sydney for such a long time. From the opera house, to Bondi Beach and the harbour bridge, there’s plenty of places we could tick off our bucket list. However the main reason we want to visit is to watch a live rugby league game. We’re massive fans of the sport in the England, and follow the Australian game too. To be lucky enough to watch an NRL game, or even a State of Origin game live would be incredible.

Italian Lakes

I have a long list of Italian places I NEED to visit! There’s just something about Italy which appeals me. We’ve only been able to cross Venice off our list so far but we’re desperate to visit more. My heart would love to put Lake Como as our first of the lakes to visit, but I’ve read Lake Garda is by far the most family friendly. There’s Scaliger Castle and the Grotte di Catullo ancient ruins to explore and theme parks to keep the kids happy!

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think travelling with children is a great idea, getting them to experience it all and learn so much. You have some fabulous ideas here, particularly Iceland and The Italian lakes. So beautiful.

  2. I agree with this list, such great places to visit. My current number one has to be Marrakesh, where I’ve never been to but if I could pick a place now – that would be the one to visit.

  3. Sydney and Iceland are on my list of places I would love to travel. I have always wanted to see the northern lights!

  4. I never really thought about going to Copenhagen before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  5. All great choices! Many of these are on our bucket list too. We were just living in Sydney this past summer and I’ve got to say it’s incredible. You MUST go. Bondi is breathtaking and the Opera House doesn’t disappoint.

  6. I know what you mean! I’m hoping to do some more traveling within the next few years since my kids are getting older as well. I’d love to visit some of these places, especially Reykjavik.

  7. The Italian Lakes look like a dream! My family is from Italy, and unfortunately, I’ve yet to go! I’m hoping to go with my grandmother one day soon, to see her hometown with her. 🙂

  8. Wow and wow, those are really gorgeous place to visit and I love to be in every places and hoping to go there with my family in soon time!

  9. All are beautiful places to visit but the Sydney and the Raykjavik are the most places that I really wanted to see.

  10. i wish i’d been brave enough to backpack with my son when he was little. When i did a teeny bit of travelling before kids i was in awe of the odd lone mum or couple travelling with a youngster and the kids were always amazing.. #dreamteam

  11. Oh man, I’d absolutely love to visit Copenhagen, it’s on our list of places to visit so hopefully next year or the year after we will make it there – kids dependant!

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