Review : Guess How Much I Love You…Live!

If you ask Ben, our seven year old, what his favourite book is he will tell you it’s Guess How Much I Love You. Even now, as a confident reader who enjoys Dr Seus, David Walliams and Roald Dahl, his favourite has never wavered. As a toddler he was obsessed with the book, and wouldn’t go to sleep without being read it at least once. It lead to his obsession with rabbits/hares and soon his bedroom was covered in soft toys, including his very own Nutbrown Hare.

Therefore when we were given the opportunity to attend the Guess How Much I Love You production at Waterside Arts, I couldn’t say no.

The show is a mix of the classic Sam McBratney story, and also incorporates the I Love You All Year Round seasonal stories featuring the Nutbrown Hares. The show takes us through the four seasons and invites the children to learn about the different times of year.

Sell A Door Productions present Guess How Much I Love You

Ben was obviously excited, as was his three year old sister Anna, but Jack, my nine year old, was less enthused. We took our seats and he murmured that he was too old to be watching it. The show information does say it’s aimed at children aged 2-6 but it’s half term so he had no choice but to come with us!

I’d say the age advice is fair, as it does seem to be tailored for the younger audience. Ben always seems younger than his years and so was utterly enchanted by his favourite characters being brought to live. Anna was entranced and joined in the singing and dancing. Surprisingly even Jack enjoyed it, despite it being aimed at children much younger than him.

The Nutbrown Hares were very entertaining and the singing narrator, “Mother Nature” was wonderful. She had a lovely voice and was brilliant when interacting with the children.

I have to admit to having a little tear watching my littles one’s faces as she sang the famous line “I love you right up to the moon and back”. It was quite emotional to see the words I’ve read and said to my children so many times being sang on stage.

The show was on for approximately 50 minutes which was the perfect amount of time for little ones. I usually find anything longer and the kids start to become a bit restless.

We had never visited the Waterside Arts Centre before but it was easy to get to in the car, with a Q carpark just around the corner. It’s also easy to get to by public transport with Sale Metrolink station just across the road. They have some great family shows coming up. Check out their website to see what’s coming up soon.

I can thoroughly recommend this show if you’ve got young children. You can check out where the tour is headed to next on their website

I was given complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review, but as always opinions are my own.


  1. How lovely. We went to a taster day at the theatre in London in the summer and watched little snippets from shows like Going on a Bear Hunt and the Tiger that came to tea. The kids loved it. Love the story.

  2. This was my oldest favourite book when he was little. He is 22 now!!!! I would love to go and watch this but I’m not sure if I could convince him 😉

  3. It’s a classic book but I’ve never read it! I love that it is now a live show for kids to enjoy so maybe I will introduce to my children at last!

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