Hotels That Sleep 5 : CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers Resort

We were fortunate enough to find a good deal on the CBeebies Land hotel this Summer, and so booked last minute for two nights including two day park tickets.

The CBeebies Land Hotel is situated within Alton Towers and is one of three hotels they have on site. It’s extremely close to the Monorail to get to the park itself and has ample parking for it’s residents.

We arrived early in order to make the most of the park and were able to check in but, as expected, told to return later for our room keys. There was security guarding the entrance to the hotel to prevent people entering who were not staying the night. The hotel has exclusive entertainment and so this is to prevent people getting access to the entertainment for free! We were given special CBeebies Land lanyards to wear so the security knew he didn’t need to keep checking our details every time we went in and out of the hotel.

We spent a brilliant few hours in the park and head back to the hotel to check in and make the most of the entertainment. The foyer was bright and colourful and our three year old was entranced from the minute we arrived. The staff were friendly and helpful and gave us the guide to that evening’s entertainment.

The Room

We opted for the standard Bugbie room as we decided it wasn’t worth forking out an extra ¬£150 for Iggle Piggle wallpaper! They do a variety of CBeebies themed rooms and suites but we honestly would rather spend the money elsewhere, especially when considering we wouldn’t be spending that much time in the room anyway.

For a standard room it was fantastic and easily big enough to sleep all five of us. It was so modern and absolutely immaculate. We were situated on the second floor, right next to the lift. We were worried there would be a lot of noise but we weren’t disturbed at all.

When we checked the kids’ part of the room we were slightly perturbed when they seemed to have forgotten Anna’s bed! As with the Legoland hotel, the rooms consists of bunkbeds, a pull out trundle bed and a travel cot. We found the travel cot was there but no trundle bed. A quick call down to reception fixed this within 10 minutes, as two friendly men wheeled in a bed.

The kids beds were separated from ours by a wall, so both adults and kids can have a bit of privacy. They have their own TV, as do the adults, so you’re not forced to watch kids TV all evening! The kids section also have mini games and activities attached to the walls.

The room was equipped with tea and coffee making facilities as expected, and we were also treated to biscuits each morning. There was even a mini fridge to help keep drinks cool which we thought was a really nice touch. We’d brought bottled water with us for around the park, and considering it was a really warm couple of days, we were thankful for not needing to drink lukewarm water!

The bathroom was equally immaculate and tailor made for kids. There was a step stool so they could reach the sink with ease, along with a built in toddler toilet seat. We were given plenty of towels which is always a luxury when there’s so many of us. There was also complimentary Carex products. Not tiny little travel sized ones, full sized ones!

The Entertainment

The entertainment is definitely what you’re paying for when you visit the CBeebies Land hotel. The shows and performances are exclusive to the hotel so won’t be seen anywhere else.

After a quick look around our rooms, we dropped our suitcases and headed down to the entertainment area as it started from 3.30pm and there was a different act/performance every half an hour up until 9.30pm.

The first item on the entertainment itinerary was meeting Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. We’ve met them before in the park itself, but there’s always been a massive queue and it felt a little hurried. We were surprised that there was only us and two other families there in the hotel to meet the characters and so it was lovely to not have to rush. The characters posed for photos with them and interacted with them for the full half an hour. My daughter was awestruck!

After Iggle Piggle and Upsy it was time for Postman Pat to make an appearance. My kids aren’t overly enamoured with Postman Pat so we had a quick photo and went for something to eat. We’d looked at the entertainment guide and there seemed to be dance session I didn’t think the kids would be that bothered about. We had a quick bite to eat and then came back for the evening’s entertainments.

It was jam-packed full of the kids’ favourite characters and shows. Bing and Flop made an appearance, followed by the Octonauts. The shows were interactive and encouraged the kids to get involved. There was a Swashbuckle game show where my son was picked to take part which made his whole week! There was a video link from Andy as the kids took part in an Dinosaur Adventure and Swashbuckle’s Gem also made an appearance on the screen. My youngest two loved this, they had no idea it had all been prerecorded!¬†Ubercorn from Go Jetters led a disco and encouraged the little ones to get up dancing which they all loved. There were photo opportunities with all the characters after the shows had finished.

Towards the end of the evening the children were encouraged to lie down on a beanbag and do some Stargazing. They were told stories and lights were reflected on the ceiling. It was the perfect way to wind them all down after all that dancing! At the end they played the Cbeebies bedtime song and we could barely get Anna upstairs to our room before she fell asleep!

The entertainment is the same each night so we were glad we had come back early to see all the entertainment on the first night, as it meant the second night we could spend longer in the park.

The Food

The hotel has it’s own Windmill restaurant where they serve evening meals and breakfast. They also sell sandwiches and light snacks at the bar in the entertainment area.

The food in the Windmill restaurant was extremely good. As you would expect, it’s not the cheapest but the portions were massive! There was a good choice for both the kids and the adults. On the second night my daughter felt ill just after we ordered and the staff were very accommodating and cancelled her and my husband’s orders as he took her back to the room. I actually asked for some food to be boxed up so I could take it back to the room for my husband and again, they were happy to do it. They do also offer room service.

Breakfast was always busy and so you definitely need to book in advance. There was a massive of pastries, breads, fruit, cereal and traditional English breakfast all served buffet style.

Is It Worth The Money?

I’ve read before that CBeebies Land hotel is like Las Vegas for kids and I can’t argue with that. It’s easily the most kids friendly hotel we have ever stayed at. The subtle touches such as the built in toddler toilet seat and child height hand rail down the stairs meant the hotel was obviously built with kids in mind.

What I would say is, if you can get a good deal on two nights it’s definitely worth staying the extra night. We felt if you were only there one night you would either have to sacrifice time in the park or miss the entertainment. If you miss the entertainment, there’s really no point staying there. Staying that extra night meant we could do both.

You do get extra ride time in the mornings but we did feel that it was slightly misleading as only certain rides were included.

Having said that, the kids had an absolute ball. Even my nine year old who is completely past the CBeebies phase had a great time. We thoroughly recommend it and yes, do believe it is worth every penny!


  1. I am slightly gutted that mine are too old for this now, wish it had been open a couple of years ago and great that they cater for larger families too

  2. This hotel looks fab for kids – bet it would blow my daughters’ minds! Will def have to put on the list for a future weekend break.

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