Family Days Out : A Trip To Kents Cavern (Torquay)

When you’re holidaying in the UK, it’s always good to have a few indoor days out planned, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse! We were lucky that our week in Devon was blessed with sunshine, but we had one day where the weather wasn’t so thrilling, so we opted for an attraction that was predominantly indoors.

Kents Cavern Cave

Located in Torquay, Kents Cavern is a prehistoric cave which counted ancient humans, bears and sabre-toothed cats as it’s early inhabitants. The caves are open daily for guided tours and is in walking distance from Torquay harbour and town centre. If you’re traveling by car, there is a pay and display carpark on site.

When we arrived we were given a tour time as obviously for safety reasons only a certain amount of people are allowed into the caves at any given time. We timed it quite well as the tour was due to start just ten minutes after we arrived. At the allotted time we were taken down to the caves by a fantastically charismatic tour guide.

Kent’s Cavern is the warmest cave in Britain but it felt delightfully airy and cool compared to the sticky heatwave weather we had enjoyed/endured the last week!

The tour began with a lights and sounds show, which my eldest son loved – the youngest two not so much! It was dark and atmospheric and we heard the sounds that may have been heard by the caves inhabitants millions of years ago. The growls and animal noises were a bit scary for our three year old but it was short lived!

Kents Caven Torquay Lights And Sounds Show

The tour itself lasted around 45 minutes, which we found was long enough to give us plenty of information, whilst being short enough that the kids don’t become restless and disinterested.

Our tour guide did a fantastic job of keeping the kids interested whilst also relaying the facts about the caves. He pointed out geological formations shaped as animals, dragons and giants and told us about the legends as well as the factual science. My eldest son is nine and loves anything scientific and so was fascinated by the history of the caves.

At the end of the guided tour we were invited to peruse both replica and authentic teeth and bones. The authentic archeological discoveries were kept behind glass for obvious reasons, but it was still fascinating to see.

When we ventured back outside we were pleased to see that there were further attractions aimed at children. There was a large tent outside where the kids were invited to search for tiny gemstones in boxes filled with sand. Anything they found using their little brushes, they were allowed to keep.

There was also a woodland trail where the kids could look for clues and pictures throughout their walk outside. There were additional facts about our early ancestors and even the opportunity to try their hand at spear throwing (with sticks, not actual spears!)

Woodland Trail At Kents Cavern TorquayAlthough we didn’t venture in, there is an onsite cafe for those wanting to stop for a drink or bite to eat. Their visitor shop was full of little quirky toys and gifts and reasonably priced too. We bought a couple of little presents for our family back at home.
A visit would cost an adult £12, and children aged three to fifteen £10 each. It’s free for little ones under three years old and there’s a small discount for seniors.

Prior to our visit I was slightly concerned that Kents Cavern may be slightly too old for our younger children. I knew our eldest would enjoy it but I was so pleased that all three of them had such a good time.

I was offered complementary tickets in exchange for this honest review. As always, opinions are my own. 



  1. This sounds like a really interesting thing to do, I do get a little claustrophobic but the idea of caves sound cool x

  2. So glad they all enjoyed their day at Kents cavern, I think our kids would love it as they like caves and learning about history.

  3. This place looks awesome, we have something similar local to us. Ive been wondering if my little was old enough for it, so I might well try him/her now. This one you visited looks amazing

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