The Forbidden Topic – A Miscarriage Poem

From personal experience, I found people do not like talking about miscarriage and baby loss. Awareness is so important to encourage women to speak out and seek support. It can be an overwhelmingly sad time with so many emotions. It makes no sense to suffer alone.

This poem was written from my own personal experience,

The Forbidden Topic – A Miscarriage Poem

No-one likes to talk about it,
They say that it’s taboo
When you lose a baby
And the sorrow you go through.

One in four pregnancies
Are lost in this sad way,
So why don’t we talk about it
If it happens every day?

I’ve never been one to be quiet
And keep my feelings to myself.
I refuse to box up my emotions
To be hidden upon a shelf.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of,
I fail to understand
Why it’s such a dirty secret
A conversation that should be banned

6 years have passed since we got the news
We never wanted to hear
And although the pain gets easier
I think of you year on year.

What would have become of you
My little tiny bean?
How could I already love someone
I’d never even seen?

We wanted to know why
But the answers they couldn’t give,
The doctor couldn’t tell us
Why you didn’t live.

They told me “it just happens”
And “sometimes it’s natures way”
Neither of these were a comfort
Or kept my grief at bay.

To me you were so wanted,
To me you were so loved
You were already part of our family
But it seemed it wasn’t enough.

We had our rainbow baby
And another who made three
But I still think about what might have been
The baby we would never see.

And although I never held you
And although we never met
You’re always in my heart
Because a mother doesn’t forget.


  1. I can’t feel exactly your pain dear since I haven’t experienced something like that but I’m really sorry. This happens to my husband’s sister a year ago and now she sis expecting a baby and everything goes very well.
    Your post is beautiful and you express your feelings in such a wonderful way!

  2. So beautiful. It is hard to understand why in society so many things are taboo to talk about. So many women are touched by this topic and yet there seems to be a timeline in which you “should get over it”, I will never understand how one is ever going to just forget and get over it.

  3. This was, as others have said, beautifully written. I’m afraid I don’t think there is anything I can say in a comment that does justice to it… I am sorry that you went through this…

  4. This was really touching. Thanks for sharing – I know its a tough thing to talk about. As you say, they’ll always be in your heart x

  5. Beautiful.
    I’m so glad you felt moved to share. I share my miscarriage story often because I felt so alone – there’s so many mommas like us! Strength in common grief.

  6. Thank you for sharing with us your story and the baby that was lost. You are right society has made it such a taboo but how are parents meant to heal if they are shamed when they talk about it? I am thankful that you were blessed with your rainbow babies and I am sure that your little bean is looking down on you with pride x

  7. What a lovely way to remember the child you lost. I think there has been a stigma on women. They shouldn’t speak about losing a child or being sexually assaulted. Like you I refuse to shut up and I speak out for those who do not have a voice. No one can ever know how you felt. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

  8. This has brought me to tears. I had two miscarriages before my rainbow daughter arrived. I have often wondered what my two lost babies would have been like. Thank you for posting this xxx

  9. Tears streaming down my face, i lost three babies this way. People couldn’t understand that for me the baby was a baby and that I had loved it from the moment I knew I was pregnant. I think myself lucky that I managed to keep one, my son who is now in his 30s, and I have two lovely step children

  10. What a beautiful poem. I had to wipe a few tears away there! I’m so sorry you went though this. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject, we need to open up about it. I think part of the problem is people don’t know what to say. #bloggerclubuk

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