Review : The Ultimate Hair Organiser – The Hair Helper

My daughter is my mini-me which means she has inherited my thick hair. Unfortunately, like her brothers, she has also inherited my husband’s weird hair line which means her hair grows from a million different directions!

More often than not I tie her long hair back into pigtails and put clips in to stop her hair falling into her eyes. The only problem being we are forever finding bobbles, hair slides and clips all over the house! I also tie my hair back most days so it’s not just her to blame!

I’ve tried keeping them in little boxes but they just end up tangled and being emptied. Plus it’s hard to see what colours we have if we’re organised enough to want to colour co-ordinate her bobbles and clips.

Enter The Hair Helper, the ultimate hair accessory organiser.

The Hair Helper is a simple yet genius device to store all hair accessories. The ribbons can hold many clips of varying sizes. We have added hair grips, claw clips and the usual snap clips and the ribbons have held them well. Hairbands and bobbles can be stored at the bottom whilst there’s even a side compartment to hold a hair brush!

You can chose from either a white or pink frame and can chose the colours of the ribbons. We went for a white frame and pink ribbons to co-ordinate with my daughter’s bedroom. You can also personalise your Hair Helper with letters and pictures of your choosing.

As you can see it’s been a big hit with my daughter! It’s encouraged her to put away her own clips and bobbles rather than leaving them scattered around the house.

It would make the perfect gift for any little girl who loves her accessories. You could even add bracelets and necklaces to the hooks at the bottom to make it multifunctional.

The Hair Helper has won multiple awards, and I’m not surprised. It’s such a clever idea.

To buy your very own Hair Helper please visit their website –

I received a complimentary Hair Helper for the purpose of this review. As always opinions are my own.


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