Quality Clothes For Less With Treasure House

As any mum will tell you, clothing kids can be an expensive business. With my three kid it seems the minute I have kitted them out, they have a sudden growth spurt and we have to start the whole process again.

It’s true you can buy second hand clothes from the likes of Ebay and local selling groups but you can never really be certain of the quality or condition of the item until it arrives. This isn’t great when you’re slightly fussy (like me!)

That’s why Treasure House is so brilliant.

Treasure House isn’t your typical second hand store. When your kids have had the inevitable growth spurt and the clothes no longer fit, simply pop them in a bag and request your prepaid postage label to drop the bag off in multiple locations across the UK. Each item is hand inspected by a member of the team and anything that passes the quality check earns you credit! This credit can then be spent on the site to buy your own kids some replacement clobber.


Treasure House accept any size from 18 months up to 12 years, and only accept quality brands (so no Primarni here!) This, along with the inspection, means you know the quality of the items you order is going to be high. Anything that doesn’t pass the inspection is passed on to charity or you can request a return for £4.99 to cover return postage.

Not only does it save parents money, it also helps the environment. Did you know it takes around 2700 litres of water to make a t-shirt? Staggering isn’t it? By passing on your preloved items, you’re helping in ways you possibly hadn’t realised.

We can personally vouch for the quality of Treasure House’s clothes. We received clothes for the kids which were absolutely immaculate, and complete with Treasure House tags so they appeared as new!

All three of my kids were delighted with their new clothes, which is an achievement in itself!

Treasure House are so confident you’ll love their clothes, they’re offering a great welcome pack to new users. This includes:

  • A free item of your choosing worth up to £15 (small £0.99 shipping fee applies)
  • Eco-friendly product samples
  • Prepaid shipping pack to send outgrown clothes for credit.

What’s not to love about that?! I honestly don’t think you’d be disappointed!

To find out more please visit https://treasurehouse.com/gift-page/

I received the clothes in exchange for this honest review. 


  1. This is a great idea. I have twins so that is always double the cost and then an older daughter whose legs never seem to stop growing and no sooner have a i bought oversized jeans with room to grow and she is out of them already!

  2. Treasure House sounds incredible, I like that I can earn credit for quality clothes I send in. That’s really good especially as the kids seem to be glowing at a blink of am eye

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