Decorating The Kids’ Bedrooms – Finally!

We have finally started to get around to decorating our house! We moved into our house in April 2015 but with an eight week old and two young kids, decorating it wasn’t high on our list of priorities.

Our house was a new build so all the rooms were painted white so it wasn’t as if we had to endure someone else’s hideous decor! It seemed ideal at the time but after three years of three kids with sticky, mucky fingers, the house is in serious need of a lick of paint. No matter how much I clean, the house still feels grubby due to scuffs, finger marks and pen where the kids have decided to be “creative.”

We decided to start with our daughter’s room, the smallest room in the house! We thought we’d ease ourselves in! After her move from a cot to a toddler bed, we decided her walls were in desperate need of a refresh. I wanted something subtle that would last. She had only one request – pink! We decided to compromise and went for a subtle “blush” colour which isn’t too overwhelming.

We wanted the paint to be durable so we could wipe down any marks if she decided to get creative again. Dulux do their own wipe down paint but since we were going to need to two tins we opted for B&Qs own slightly cheaper version and would highly recommend it. The paint went on smoothly and we only needed one coat. It was quick to dry and thanks to the hot weather we’ve been having!

Now onto our sons’ room! The boys share a bedroom and are also fed up of staring at white walls. When we asked what they wanted our eldest suggested a mural of some kind. His friend has a superhero one which he thought was “cool” so we’ve decided to look for something a bit more to our boys’ taste.

Since they’re both dino mad, we love the look of these awesome dinosaur wallpaper murals. They some really realistic ones but also some more fitting for the younger kids. Our boys love the Ceratosaurus Feeding Time one, it’s realistic enough without being a bit too frightening. It would be the talk of all their friends I’m sure!

We’re looking forward to getting started, but are much less excited at the prospect of clearing out their room first!

Which wallpaper would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

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