Self Care and Hair Tips For New Parents

When you’re a new parent it’s hard to remember your own self-care. For the first few weeks it’s a blur of night feeds, nappies and general exhaustion. It’s hard to remember to look after yourself.

I personally felt like I wasn’t myself those first few weeks. It’s difficult when you’ve got a newborn so dependent on you to even consider things like haircare! It certainly wasn’t high on my list of priorities. However whenever I did get around to doing something with my hair, even something as basic as actually having time to run a brush through it, I felt like a new woman!

Here are a few hair care tips to help new parents feel a little more like themselves.

  • Embrace the “mum-bun”

The “mum-bun” and other low maintenance ways to tie up my hair were a life saver in the first few weeks. When I wanted to look semi-presentable during the school run with a preschooler and newborn in tow, whipping my hair back was the only solution. I also found leaving my long hair down was a nuisance when feeding my baby – it was seen as something to pull on! I could have considered having my hair cut shorter but long hair has always been part of my identity and I wasn’t willing to lose it. The mum bun was a great short term solution.

  • Don’t be afraid to wash your hair less

I’ve always washed my hair at least every other day but it’s not always possible with a tiny newborn permanently attached to you! I did find that my hair could go longer between each wash without becoming too greasy. The more you wash your hair, the more the chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils, so in theory the less you use shampoo your hair, the healthier it becomes.

  • Dry shampoo is your friend

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver in those sleep deprived early days of new parenthood. Not only to refresh your hair between your washes, but also for giving it a bit of life if it’s looking a bit limp and lifeless.

  • Don’t worry if you lose hair

My hair looked its best when I was pregnant. It was thick and glossy and was definitely a pregnancy perk. A couple of weeks after giving birth though, I noticed I was losing hair every time I washed or brushed it. I don’t mean the odd strand or two, I was losing it in clumps! After an initial panic, I read that it was hormonal and completely normal. Plus it does grow back, so don’t worry!

My husband also lost hair in solidarity!  Although he says it’s less hormonal, more the stress of having kids, and unfortunately his isn’t growing back!  Luckily there’s places like Harley Street Hair Clinic who specialise in hair transplants.

Make time for yourself

Don’t feel guilty for having an hour or so to yourself. Ask your partner, parent or friend to mind the baby and do whatever it is that makes you feel more YOU. A long soak in the bath, a quick trip to the salon or even just the time to style your own hair! After all a happy parent is a happy baby!


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