5 Ways To Reward Yourself As A Single Parent

Being a single parent is hard work. And recent research from Direct Line shows that we’re putting even more pressure on ourselves to be there for every moment of our children’s lives. 22% of parents even felt like they’d let their child down if they missed key moments in their development and 33% felt guilty.

We’re putting ourselves through a lot of un-deserved emotional stress and turmoil. It’s time to reward ourselves too. After all, you’re doing a great job – even if it doesn’t feel like it. Parenthood is full of ups and downs, so remember to take time for yourself. Here are some suggestions to get you started: 

Go watch a film you want to

You’ve probably seen Moana multiple times in just the last month. Or maybe your kid is into binge-watching Paw Patrol. Whatever it is, it’s not been down to you. In fact, most of your decisions will be driven by what your children want. You should get a night off and choose what you’d love to see. Who knows the next time you’ll get to watch a film without a sing-a-long?

Learn something new

Why not use the time you have to do something you’ve always wanted? Whatever the new hobby or skill is, you can focus on yourself. There are loads of local courses for you to get inspired – once you find one you like, you can try and make it a regular thing. 

Get all your friends together

If you know in advance you’ve got a child-free night, it gives you the chance to plan something and get loads of friends together. If they can get the night away from their kids too, even better. You can all let your hair down – and it eliminates some of the pressure and judgement. You can all support each other in the need for some time with adults.

Go on a date 

Being a single parent shouldn’t deter you from romance forever. When it’s the right time for you to start dating again, you’ll know. Embrace a date night – you deserve dinner and drinks. Although it can feel like you should be spending time catching up with friends, your love life is equally important. Feeling a bit anxious? Check out this guide for single parents dating.

Do absolutely nothing

Just because you’re having a night off, you don’t need to put pressure on yourself to do something if you don’t feel like it. You might just want to enjoy a bath and have time to relax. As one single mum says, me time can be spent completely alone – enjoying peace and quiet. When you’ve got a child talking to you non-stop all day, stillness can be a reward all by itself. 

How do you put yourself first for a night? Share your suggestions with us. 

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