Ready to Go Back to Work? Childcare Options to Help

The decision to return to work is always tricky. Even if before you had children you were very career focused and assumed that you’d be eager to get back to it, having kids can change you. Even those of us that look forward to returning to our jobs or starting a new and exciting career or those that never wanted time off in the first place can begin to have our doubts as our back to work date looms.

We worry about fitting back in after what can be a big break. We fear that things will have changed or that we will have forgotten how to do our jobs. We worry about the cost and flexibility of childcare, and most of all we worry about leaving our children with someone else for significant parts of the day. We worry that they’ll miss us or forget us and that they’ll hit essential milestones when they are with someone else, and above all, we worry about their safety.

Leaving Your Child is always going to be tough. But, with the right childcare provider, it does get easier. After a few weeks, you and your child will have settled into a new routine and leaving them with a wave and a smile will be easier than you ever thought it would be. Here’s a look at some of the childcare options that you should consider but take your time to find the right person and setting so that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Do it Yourself

One option that many women consider when looking for childcare is starting their own childcare business. If you’re not happy with the idea of going back to work and leaving them, but you want or need to work, then opening your own childcare setting could be the perfect option. Many moms work as childminders from home, but you could also start your own Childcare Business in another premise.


Leaving your kids with family can be a great option. Splitting childcare between you and your partner and getting grandparents or aunts into help on the other days might seem ideal. Family may not charge for their time, and they already know your child. But, make sure you understand the risks. Will they stick to your rules? Will the resent this time? Is it likely to cause disagreements or arguments in the family?

A Childminder

Childminders are great as they often offer More flexible hours and rates than a nursery. They also provide a family atmosphere and can give your child a lot of attention. But, a childminder is often one person. If they or their own children are sick, you’ll need to find other care, and their setting will be closed when they are on holiday.


Nurseries offer a more formal setting than a childminder, with a stricter schedule. They can be more expensive and offer less flexible hours, and you may be charged extra for meals. But, they employ more staff, so there’s always cover in the case of illness or holiday. Most nurseries are open nearly every weekday of the year.

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