See Clearly How To Choose Your Next Pair of Glasses

With such a wide range of choices in front of you, it can be difficult when you are trying to choose your next pair of glasses to wear. There are a number of factors which require a little bit of attention and thought to get them right. How many times have you seen someone walk into a room sporting a new pair which just don’t look right on them?  

One way to get a better idea is to check out a women’s glasses guide or a guide to mens prescription glasses. But in this blog post, we will take a closer look at five of the key points to consider.

Proportion and Fit

You should be choosing a pair of glasses which fit your face comfortably. For example, if you have a small face, you shouldn’t be opting for large frames which are only going to end up overpowering the rest of your face. As a general rule of thumb, the top part of the frame should be roughly at eye-level, while the bottom part should fit comfortably just above your cheeks.

Match Your Glasses to Your Face Shape

Everyone has a different face shape, and it is important that you choose a pair of glasses to fit it nicely. If you have a face which is quite square in shape, rectangular frames with rounded edges will help to soften your features. However, if your face it rounder, angular frames will play a part in making your face look slimmer and more elongated. People with heart-shaped faces tend to suit an aviator style. Finally, if you have a face which is ovular in shape, choose some frames which are thicker or darker on the top.

Consider Your Skin Tone

When you are trying to decide what colour your frames should be, you should certainly take your skin tone into account. Warmer skin tones tend to suit frames which are brown or gold in colour. Avoid colours which are contrasting as much as possible. Cooler skin tones work well with frames which are black or silver. Washed out colours are best avoided as they can leave you looking pale.

Frame Materials

The final point that we are going to talk about is the frame materials. There are so many materials and colours out there which will help to complement your facial features. PVC and titanium tend to be more hypoallergenic, while stainless steel materials are made to be powerful. Plastic frames are usually lightweight and come in a wide variety of different styles. To get the best impression of which one is for you, it is a good idea to head into some shops to start feeling some frames for yourself.

Always make sure that you try several different pairs of glasses on to get the fullest picture of which style suits your face best. It is also a good idea to bring someone along with you who is able to give you an honest second opinion when you are struggling.

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