From Toddler To Big Girl – My Baby Starts Preschool

Tomorrow will mark the day my youngest starts preschool. She is so ready for it (whether or not she realises it!) She seems to be learning things at a rapid rate and whilst it’s exciting to see, it’s also a stark reminder she’s not my tiny baby any more. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post,ย it’s the last time we’ll experience a first day of nursery. We’ve obviously been through it twice before with the boys, but it’s a bittersweet feeling knowing these milestones won’t happen again.

I’m not sure how she’ll react when my husband and I drop her off on Wednesday. She combats everything face on and is a determined little thing, but she also likes her little routines so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the change.

Another milestone we will be facing soon will be turning her bedroom from a baby’s nursery, into something more fitting for a big preschooler! We haven’t decorated since we moved in three years ago. It’s one of those jobs we just never seem to get round to. Her room still has the standard white walls, so at least we have a blank canvas to work with. We’re hoping to go for something quite neutral, that we can accessorise with pictures and canvases. It’s only a small room so we’ll have to be clever with space!

We’re also looking at upgrading her toddler bed to a proper single sized bed. We’ve seen some lovely bed bases and have found some fantastic mattress deals on Groupon.ย They do everything from small single size up to super king so it will be handy when we look to replace our own mattress. A decent mattress is so important, even at such a young age. She needs the right amount of support, especially with all the growing she still has to do. Plus a comfortable bed means she’s much more likely to get in it, and stay it! Who doesn’t want a full night’s sleep?!

It seems like it was just yesterday we were buying a cot, blankets and baby sleeping bags, and then in the blink of an eye she became a preschooler!

Tomorrow I will be full of emotion. The last of my babies to start nursery. Another milestone that will come and pass. I really wish time would slow down. In the meantime I’ll try and enjoy these next 18 months of Mondays and Tuesdays together before yet another milestone approaches – big school!

This was a sponsored post written in collaboration with Groupon.ย 


  1. Oh wow, our babies grow up so quickly. I remember the nerves and anxiety I felt when our son started preschool here in Portugal. Although he’d been in a creche in the UK this felt very different. I hope she had a good time x

  2. I remember sending my youngest to preschool. Every year since then has been a reminder that my boys are growing up way too fast. It’s a great thing to see them growing and learning though

  3. Aww the first day of preschool is such a huge milestone. I hope she enjoys her first day and settles in well, it certainly sounds like she will do! xxx

  4. Ohhhm I so hope she had a good first day! It’s a huge step for them isn’t it? When my fourth started play group before Christmas it was hard. However, I also know I’ll be going through it one last time with Anwen next year.

    She is beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜€

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