12 Mums Reveal What They Really Want For Valentine’s Day.

Take a look around the shops at the moment and there are love themed gifts everywhere. Flowers, chocolates, sentimental cards…Yep, Valentine’s Day is upon us.

My husband and I have been together for a long time and this will be our 17th Valentine’s Day. Crikey. That’s made me feel old! We have done the flowers, chocolate and cutesy gifts in the past, but now I think our priorities have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of romance, but I much prefer it when he comes home with a bunch of flowers on a dreary Tuesday rather than producing a bouquet he has felt obliged to buy because it’s Valentine’s Day.

It seems since getting older and having kids, we would both prefer something a bit more practical.  Chocolates are nice, but I’d just end up sharing them with the kids. I have umpteen bottles of perfume upstairs and other than my wedding/engagement rings and my personalised necklace, I don’t really wear jewellery.

So what would I really like for Valentine’s Day?

Well as a mum of young children, I will predictably say my ideal Valentine’s Day would start with a lie-in. All three of my children are early risers and I would LOVE to not have to get up at 6am. Alternatively any child free time would do! I’m not talking a week away here, just an hour or two to shop in peace. I would like my children to go to bed on time without any complaints (Oh if only!) so my husband and I could have a quiet night in. Nice food and a film with my favourite person. Bliss.

It does make me wonder though, is it just me who no longer wishes for the traditional romantic gifts after having children? I asked some fellow mums what they would love for Valentines’ Day and many proved to be ladies after my own heart.

“I really want my husband to cook me a meal, from scratch or from a packet I don’t care, and then clean up afterwards. A whole evening of no cooking or cleaning would be lovely. (My husband isn’t a lazy man but I’m usually the chef/pot washer most nights!)”
Katy @ www.katykicker.com

A full nights sleep 😂 with a eight month old who seems to be allergic to sleep at the minute, I cant see that happening. It would be lovely though & it isn’t too much to ask, surely. Is it….? 
Rachael @ www.fromrachaelclaire.com

I’d love someone to do all my washing for me. Take it away and bring it back all clean and folded. And they could put it all away for me too as an added bonus! I don’t think I’ve seen the laundry basket empty for about 7years…
Amy @ www.allaboutamummy.co.uk

A cleaner – oh the ultimate dream!
Beth @ Twinderelmo.co.uk

A little bit of time together, with the two of us just talking, no work, no TV, just us.
Victoria @ www.starlightandstories.com

A baby free weekend and some time as a couple (I’m cheating a bit as this is actually what I’m getting! It was my Christmas present)
Amy @ amumfullofdreams.wordpress.com

I’d like for us to go out to the local shopping center and do a bit of shopping for ME. I don’t even care what it is… it’s just been so long since I bought something that I didn’t need for myself and every shopping trip seems to be about the baby!
Christy @ www.welshmum.co.uk

The thing I want more than anything else right now is for someone to clean my oven for me! 🤣
Laura @ www.fivelittledoves.com

I’d love a skip! We need a good clear out of the garden and old toys – the thought of trawling backwards and forwards to the tip is soul destroying. A skip to throw it into would be lovely! I daydream about it! Valentine’s day is my son’s birthday, and the day after is another son’s birthday, so there’s never much time for romance!
Sara-Jayne @ www.keep-up-with-the-jones-family.com

I’d like a meal out where we don’t spend the entire meal either thinking or talking about the kids!!! It won’t happen I know, but maybe one day!!!!
Clare @ https://freddiesmummyuk.com

I would love a spa day, child free of course.
Terri @ www.thestrawberryfountain.com

Something hand made from my little one would make me happy. I don’t really want them to waste money on anything else, my birthday is a month after so they can save the gifts for then 😉
Ayse @ Www.arepops.com

What are you hoping for this Valentine’s Day?


  1. Great post. I couldn’t agree more my partner and I have been together for almost 7 years and have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Never really been my cup of tea! I like the way you all think though someone to do housework and a lie in would be great haha! X #bloggerclubuk

  2. I’m totally with Rachel – as the fellow mum of an 8 month old who is a terrible sleeper, a full night’s sleep would be my ultimate dream! We don’t normally do Valentine’s Day, but when you have two kids, the opportunities for romance are so few that we both jumped at the chance this year!

  3. i laughed so much reading those as i can 100% relate – id love just for one day for someone to clean the house cook for me while i am in bed x

  4. I have so many d.i.y jobs waiting for my husband to do around the house it would be wonderful to find they have been done and better than any Valentine’s gift

  5. Nothing wrong with not wanting material valentines GIFTS – my best gifts are always those that take effort ( cooking a meal or a night out WITH friends) Time is a very precious thing

  6. Lovely post and I feel a bit scared to say that I got cooked breakfast in bed and my favourite meal cooked for me for dinner. However, my man doesn’t “do” washing up (apparently the little bits of food make him gag?!) so I still have all the cleaning to do!

  7. We had a really lovely Valentine’s Day this year – my husband made one of the best meals he’s ever cooked, all from scratch, PLUS a homemade New York cheesecake too – and posh expensive wine to wash it down. So lovely!

  8. I can definitely resonate with each of these wishes! I think having a full night’s sleep would be mine if I had young children or not having to cook or clean lol! Great post!

  9. We didn’t celebrate this year, as my Mum was due to have open heart surgery. Then it was postponed and what I really wanted was a takeaway – so we got one! Hope you had a great day!

  10. Love this, love how you have managed to get real Mums/peoples ideas on Valentines Day! Instead of the usual “I expect flowers, chocolates,cards gifts etc”

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