My First Love : Rugby League (A Poem)

When I was ten I fell in love
But not how you would expect
My first love was rugby league
And a sport I could respect.

My first idols weren’t movie stars
Or singers of the latest songs.
My heroes all wore the Red Vee
Like Martyn, Joynt and Long.

Standing on the terraces,
My dad and sister at my side
Watching my team come running out
It’s a special kind of pride.

You see it’s not just like other sports
That you might see on TV,
It would take more than wimpy footballers
To impress someone like me.

I want to feel that passion
When you hear the home crowd roar,
Chanting your favourite player’s name
Just hoping that they’ll score.

It’s so much more than just a sport
A way to pass the time.
Rugby league is in our blood
My family’s as well as mine.

This game is not for the weak
It’s full of rough and tumble
Waiting until the final whistle
Praying your team doesn’t fumble.

Churning stomachs, biting nails
Your heart beating out of your chest
These emotions just go to show
This sport is just the best.

The cup games and the derby matches
Where there’s more than pride at stake
The elation when you win these games
A euphoria you cannot fake.

We’re no strangers to disappointment
We’ve seen our dreams broken and crashed
When our hopes and expectations
Have brutally been dashed.

But that makes winning so much sweeter
The celebrations much more fun
The pounding of your heart
And the relief when you know you’ve won.

Some seasons end on a high
You’re champions of a glorious sport
The trophies and the medals
A feeling that cannot be bought.

The heartbreak as your team loses
As you listen to your opponents cheer
And knowing despite your disappointment
You’ll go through it all again next year.



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