First Day At School Poem

Where does the time go? One minute they are brand new tiny babies, the next they are ready to start their first day at school. It can be such a whirlwind of emotions; from pride to worry, from love to sadness. I felt every one of these emotions, and more!

Here’s our experience.

First Day At School Poem

It seems it was just moments ago
He was placed upon my chest
When I gazed down at him in wonder
and knew that I was blessed.

A tiny little baby
This miracle of mine
His brown eyes full of innocence
That made my own eyes shine.

And yet here he stands before me
So proud in his shirt and tie
His first day of school today
and I’m trying not to cry.

Because as my heart bursts with pride
There is sadness in there too
“Time flies” they always say
And now I know this to be true.

While this new chapter is starting
Another one will end.
I’ll miss my little shadow,
my happy little friend.

I know I’m being selfish
To want to keep him by my side
But I’ve always been there to protect him
And comfort him when he cried.

I’m worried that he might need me
I’m worried he might cry
I’m worried he might be scared
I’m worried he might be shy.

But then a little hand slips into mine
And tells me it’s time to go
A lump appears inside my throat
But I will not let it show.

I look at his little face
And I know that it is time
My brave little man is ready
He’s going to be just fine.


  1. That’s very sweet. I look at school as a milestone, a happy stepping stone along the way. College on the other hand may break me down. Until my last child is in school I may be ok. Lol, last year my daughter said she cried as the bus pulled away from me but I was OK for her. Excited and happy for her experiences which she was on the end day.

  2. Oh my goodness! This was definitely how I felt on my son’s first day of school. Now, he’s almost an adult. Thank you for sharing this piece and helping me remember a sweet moment in my life.

  3. Oh boy! This is the second poem I read today about kids growing up. You all are trying to have me crying over here. This did however bring tears to my eyes. I remember the start of every school year I had that moment as my son is running off to get on the bus and it all hit me at once. The fact that he is getting older and the change that comes with that, and the whole time I am sitting there with tears welled up in my eyes and a lack of speak, because I don’t want to start blubbering at the bus stop. I love my son and I spend so much time trying not to think about how big he is getting, but sometimes it finds a way to creep in and shatters my heart. Having a child will forever be a beautiful and heart-wrenching experience, from birth and beyond, but it will always be worth it. Thank you so much for this poem it was beautiful! I wish you and your family the best. Hope your son has a wonderful school year. 🙂 – Laila

  4. Yes, all of this! My little one recently went to school for the first time. I’m learning how to activate my Faith and Trust and release. So far her transition has been going well. Is it hard ? Yes! But I know each step is sending her towards the person God has designed her to be.

    Your poem is beautiful !

  5. #thesatsesh I adore this! my son began school in sept 2017 and I totally can relate. I loved the line ‘i’ll miss my little shadow, my happy little friend’ (weep)

  6. This is beautiful and the sentiment applies to so many of their milestones too. I have an almost 18 year old who is still at home but looking into future options and the thought of not having him at home is awful but of course as great mums we have to let them go sadly. I am sure so many will empathise with your feelings #BloggerClubUK

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